Training +Plus Program

The Training +Plus Program is the ideal complement/reinforcement for all players involved in our main program (Development or Competitive) and want to improve their individual and group related skills. Program length of 10 months 1 session per week. 

Training +Plus Program

Objectives:  60% Technical / 40% Tactical / 0% System
Training Sessions:

1 Training Session: Boys and Girls (U6 - U8)

1 Training Session: Boys and Girls (U9 - U10)

1 Training Session: Boys and Girls (U11 - U12)

Game:  N/A


Ages:  Boys and Girls U6 (2012) to U12 (2006)

Players are divided by age group and level

Group 1: Boys and Girls (U6 - U8)

Group 2: Boys and Girls (U9 - U10)

Group 3: Boys and Girls (U11 - U12)

Access:   Register Online

The Training +Plus Program training sessions are based in the following concepts:

-Teaching the technical and tactical aspects of the successful  F.C. Barcelona methodology, so players can successfully learn and play the ‘Barça Way’.

-Transmitting to players the values that FC Barcelona represents which are: tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, integration, effort and happiness.

Technical Program: The technical part of the sessions have been designed to sharpen your precision and individual skills. You will not only deepen your knowledge of the many facets of this beautiful game, but also add new tricks to your technical background.

  • Control, Pass and Running with the ball
  • Dribbling, Tackling and protecting the ball
  • Shooting, Crossing and ball interception

Tactical Program: Our tactical training program aims to improve your team skills with
games and challenges that are intended to provide you with a deeper understanding of each single role and position. 

  • Width & Depth, Ball circulation and Adequate speed of the game
  • Defensive & offensive situations and player position
  • Finalizing offensive situations and 1v1’s

Goalkeeper program: A special program will address the specific technical complexities in the goalie’s role. With the help from tailor made exercises and a carefully-planned method, you will be able to refine your skills and to have an inside-out understanding of this complex and fundamental role.


  • 1 Weekly Training Session

  • Monthly coaching fees

  • Stadium rental, field rental and maintenance cost


  • Player Uniforms are not included in the tuition fee. They must be ordered separately through SOCCER.COM Player Pass


Tuition: Boys and Girls U6 - U12 = $800 (1 weekly training session)

Initial Payment $200 + additional installments of $150 (Sept 1st, October 1st, November 1st, and December 1st)

*For players registered in current FCBEscola Teams tuition will be added along with Competition Program and Development Program applicable fees.